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Thursday, August 14, 2014

"The Peoples Mandate"

"How It All Works & How We Dismantle It"

"When a well-packaged web of lies has been gradually sold to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and it's speaker a raving lunatic."
Dresden James

Below Stefan Molyneux simply tells the truth

Below Rob Freeman explains 'The Peoples Mandate'

Below Mark Passio explains how it all works, and believe me, he has the first hand knowledge!

For many other helpful links please see the link below ;)

And finally, my favorite video of all time....Larken Rose narrates from the book "The Iron Web".

This video explains perfectly why I have had enough of blogging, especially the last five minutes.

"Max Igan On Gaza - Update"

"The Genocide Continues!"

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Better Get Yourself A Warm Fart-sack & A Comfy Pillow Monty, It's Going To Be Some Fucking Wait Buddy!!!"

"Montford Tadier On The Welfare Of Sick People" LOL !!!

If Monty believes for the slightest moment that any time soon, government controlled pigs like Anne Pryke are going to sanction the use of medical cannabis after the way Evelyn Volante was treated this last weekend, then....I will eat the sweetcorn from his next turd!!!

Wake the fuck up you idiots....The NWO wants you DEAD....NOT....getting CURED!!!

They have been poisoning you, and fucking up your families genetic code for the last sixty fucking years that we know about!!!!

They don't want you useless fucking eater's taking up what they believe is truly theirs!!!

"Especially For Jersey's Idiots"

Below, is my last attempt to reach you people before I give up completely!

And remember, this video is over 18 months old.

The video below is even older, and much more intense! It is the Mother of ALL video's.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"A Plea To Save Human Lives In Jersey"

"Is There A 'Rocking Horse' Out There Prepared To Stand As Deputy For Trinity?"

My God, this re-election bid is going to cost more lives in Jersey, young and old!!!

Is there anyone out there who can string a coherent sentence together using the English language as the base component for the sentence?

If you feel you can achieve this small feat, and you are against your fellow men and women dying of cancer, AIDS, HIV, and the lack of care from Jersey's Health Authority....And you would also like to be paid a King's Ransom for doing nothing but obeying orders.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, run for Deputy of Trinity and remove this psychotic sociopath from office before anyone else dies of her incompetence and a lack of physical and mental health treatment!!!

I Beg You....See The Link & Labels Below.

The Jersey Police are no better than Pryke, raiding the home of a dying woman to steal her £30's worth of cannabis so she suffers in pain and misery before her body finally gives out....

What kind of utter wanker would do this to someone in Evelyn's position?

Have these heathens no shame whatsoever?


"Just Obeying Orders"

is obviously a history lesson you sad and weak individuals haven't learned yet!

Below is the kind of Deputy that Jersey needs!!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

"Some Very Good Advice On Breast Cancer - At The Foot Of The Posting"

Cancer treatment to be available in the Island?

A new treatment which means that breast cancer sufferers will not have to travel to the UK for radiotherapy could be introduced in Jersey within the next two years.
Matthew Stephenson, consultant general and breast surgeon at the General Hospital, said that if Intrabeam radiation was introduced in Jersey, potentially it could benefit a lot of Islanders.
At the moment, Islanders undergo surgery in Jersey to remove the cancer and then have to go to the UK, often for between three to five weeks at a time, for radiotherapy.
However, a new one-off treatment could be introduced in the Island, which would remove the need for multiple radiotherapy sessions.
Around 100 Islanders every year are diagnosed with breast cancer and 60 to 70 per cent require radiotherapy. Matthew Stephenson, consultant general and breast surgeon at the General Hospital, said that if Intrabeam radiation was introduced in Jersey, potentially it could benefit a lot of Islanders.
"Dr Russell Blaylock Below"
Published on 19 Mar 2014
On this episode of the Blaylock Health Channel, Dr. Blaylock discusses some of the latest findings concerning screening for breast cancer and the call by pathologists to reclassify many previously classified breast "cancers" as non-malignant.

"The Shit Police Have Now Been Granted Special Powers!"

"States Empowering Morons To Do Their 
'NWO' Bidding For Them"

People caught leaving dog mess behind could be prosecuted

People don't leave dog mess, dogs do!

Park wardens and government workers are being given powers to police dog-fouling in Jersey.
Transport and Technical Services staff (TTS) and park wardens will check dog owners are clearing up after their pets in the island's parks and beaches.
No-one has been prosecuted under the scheme so far.
TTS Minister, Deputy Kevin Lewis, said it was very difficult to monitor the problem, but extending powers was the best hope.
The wardens have been given legal authority to approach and take the details of people in parks who do not clear up after their dogs.
Tony Andrews, Director of St Helier Parks and Gardens, said this could then lead to owners being prosecuted.
He said: "If there is a genuine mistake and the owner wasn't sure the dog had done that then it will be words of advice.
"The wardens have the power to take that person to a parish hall inquiry and if they are not happy they can go to court. The regulations are strong, they are there, it is just a case of getting it policed."