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Saturday, 2 May 2015

"The Nuclear Hoax - "THEY" Lie About Everything Else"

"Could This Be Why "THEY" Are Doing Absolutely Nothing About Fukushima?"

The following documentary explores the truth about nuclear energy and the surprisingly abundant evidence that nuclear weapons are a hoax. Many of the nuclear explosion videos we have all seen and presumed real are shown to be complete fakes using model trees, houses and cars exploding on a set. The destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not the result of one large explosion as advertised, but rather the result of a fire-bombing campaign comparable to Tokyo's fire-bombed remains. Hiroshima and Nagasaki also never experienced anything like the hundreds or thousands of years of radiation predicted by nuclear scientists, in fact, vegetation began growing within a month after the bombing, and the Japanese people began rebuilding almost immediately! Some nuclear physicists even claim nuclear weaponry fraudulent based solely on the technical impossibilities of fission material not to be incinerated before triggering the necessary chain reaction.

Top nuclear physicist Galen Winsor explains how nuclear power plants are essentially just steam plants and nothing but the most expensive and effective way to boil water. He completely blows the lid off the idea of "nuclear meltdown" or "nuclear waste," and even eats a good portion of live radioactive waste on camera which he claims to have been doing for years! His professional opinion is that fear of nuclear radiation has been greatly exaggerated to scare people and so a few powerful organizations can maintain total control of the world's most valuable energy resource. Thanks to Edmund Matthews for compiling the majority of footage and big thanks to Greg Carlwood for releasing the second-hour of our nuke interview. Be sure to give some love and subscribe to his Higherside Chats, check out the documentary, read through the excellent Nuke Lies Forum (, and leave a comment what you think about this nuclear hoax. Was the government teaching school-children to hide under their desks just to induce fear and funnel black tax money into a fake Cold War arms race as big and deceptive as the fake Space Race!?

The interview with Galen Winsor is just something else!!!

Galen Winsor is a nuclear physicist of renown who worked at, and helped design, nuclear power plants in Hanford, WA; Oak Ridge, TN; Morris, IL, San Jose, CA; Wimington, NJ. Among his positions of expertise he was in charge of measuring and controlling the nuclear fuel inventory and storage.

Galen Winsor has traveled and lectured all over America, spoken on national talk radio, and made several videos exposing the misunderstood issues of nuclear radiation. He shows that fear of radiation has been exaggerated to scare people ... so a few powerful people can maintain total control of the world's most valuable power resource. Filmed by Ben Williams in 1986.

Links to informative news articles and essays on nuclear power and the "energy crisis":

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"Beware Baltimore - Obama At Work"

"Baltimore Set Up For Federal Policing!!!"

Recent media stories within Baltimore are highlighting that many of the looter/rioters are being released without charges.

The Head Baltimore Prosecutor in charge of making those decisions is Marilyn Mosby.

marilyn MosbyMarilyn Mosby is Baltimore City’s newly elected State’s Attorney. She is the youngest chief prosecutor of any major city in America. 

[…] As an active member in her profession and community, Marilyn has served in a number of leadership positions on several committees and boards including: the Peer Review Committee of the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission (2012), the Judicial Nomination Committee for the Monumental Bar Association, the NAACP (Baltimore Branch) Criminal Justice Committee. (link)

Now, you might also remember when the riots and looting broke out on Monday there was a City Councilman who told the police to move back from their positions. When the police did what the Councilman requested, the stores in the immediate area were looted.

See video at 02:17 where Councilman Nick Mosby told the police to back off.

Friday, 1 May 2015

"Martial Law Announced In America"

"The Advert They Don't Quite Want You To Hear!!!"

UPDATE: Ad Council Responds to Bizarre PSA Featuring “Martial Law” Announcement -

A bizarre PSA put out by lobby group AARP now being broadcast on television and radio stations across the country contains a bizarre subliminal message about martial law being declared in America after nationwide riots.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

"The Globalist End Game For World Domination"

"More Sanity From Max Igan"

The full show is at the link below the video

"Pepsi To Stop Poisoning People!!!"

"I Wonder If They Care Or Are Their Sales Plummeting?"

Interview discusses the dangers of aspartame and what it does to people and animals as well as how it is made. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that is manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry by feeding certain toxic wastes to genetically modified bacteria such as E-Coli and Bacillus thermoproteolyticus which they then defecate as aspartame. In other words, when you consume food and beverages that contain aspartame, you're eating the feces of genetically modified bacteria after they've eaten toxic waste. YUM! Then, once aspartame is ingested, the Human body metabolizes it into Formaldehyde which is highly toxic.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

"More Madness From America And Jersey"

"Banks Ban Cash - Books Are Dangerous - And As For Pencils?"

The Cash Ban

The Book Ban

The Pencil Ban

"We Are Lead By The Least Among Us"

"Truth Comes As Conqueror To Those Who Have Lost The Art Of Receiving It As Friend"

"When No Means Yes"

"A Woman's Body Is No Longer Her Own"

"Forced World Wide Vaccination Is Upon You - Wake The Fuck Up People!!!"

"Flogging A Dead Horse!!!"

After all the postings I have done on vaccines over the years, I still feel like I am pissing in the wind. Why do I continue? Simply because all those I have learned from in the past still continue.

We know from my postings a few weeks ago that America is rushing to implement mandatory vaccines for the slaves. We also now know that the psychopath, Tony Abbott, is threatening people with a $15,000 band aid to accept mandatory vaccines in Australia....See below.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Social Services Minister Scott Morrison of Australia just announced a shocking and historic reform affecting parents who are concerned about vaccinating their children. Those who refuse to vaccinate their kids will be denied as much as $15,000 in childcare rebates and welfare under new rules by the Federal Government. Aussies are calling it ‘no jab, no pay,’ and it is a sinister overreach of government into personal medical choice.

Next up we have a stark warning from a woman who knows the vaccine game inside out, Dr Rima Laibow MD. In the short clip below she announces the "May Day Vaccine Truth Marathon" whereby any of the world's grazing sheep may tune in and become a shepherd overnight!!!

Finally, we finish off with one of my favourite websites, and which in my opinion gets very little credit for it's research and links into the real truth about all medical issues.


This is a must-read seemingly well-researched in-depth article with good citations you may want to note.  It is also from an influential right-of-centre US website with regular contributions by some leading individuals in the USA: ANTI-STATEANTI-WARPRO-MARKET

I will finish off with my own short summary on the current annihilation of the human race, it's the most simple way in which I can phrase the absolutely bleeding obvious!!! 

"What The Fuck do you sheeple think is in this current vaccine that "THEY" are trying to push on all the world's populace, and on a world wide scale, and all at once???"

Perhaps some of you might just fuck the State run off and try a little search on the wonderful

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

"GMO Pot? You What!!!"

"This Should Stop You Healing Yourself Naturally"

Last week Monsanto announced that it had patented the first genetically modified strain of marijuana. This news has far-reaching consequences for drugs policy, since cannabis is still an illegal substance. Many believe Monsanto’s interest in the market must mean that full legalization of the drug for recreational purposes is on the horizon, but at what cost?

"Nothing Wrong With A Little Population Control"

"The HCG Antigen"

Although some might call it a conspiracy theory, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the United Nations have been accused for decades of trying to secretly reduce the world’s population by hiding contraceptives in vaccines that are purported to be for other purposes.

In 1992, during a meeting at the UN headquarters in Geneva, scientists and “women’s health advocates” discussed the use of “fertility regulating vaccines, particularly the anti-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin vaccine. (source)

If you had any doubt in your mind that this was true, doctors at a Catholic hospital in Kenya are out to prove that millions of girls have been tricked into receiving an injection that will render them sterile for years.

Independent laboratory testing has confirmed that a tetanus vaccine given to over 2.3 million young women in Kenya contained the HCG antigen.

HCG was developed by the WHO as a long-term contraceptive. It causes the body to attack a fetus through an antibody response, and can cause spontaneous abortions for 3 years after the woman is injected with the drug.